In Loving Memory

Happy rain day!

Today I’d like to talk about memories. Photographs are a great way to remember special times. The point-and-shoot camera is arguably the best invention ever. Just kidding, it is the best invention ever. Bringing your camera with you in your backpack, purse, tote, or briefcase, for all of my businessmen.

As I was sitting outside the other day when it wasn’t so grey, taking in some sun and smelling the warm air as we get deeper into spring and closer to summer, I dozed off into a day dream back to my childhood, when my family and I would visit my grandparents at in Florida.

I have vivid memories of Florida: the small kitchen in my grandparents’ condo where my grandma would make me salami and spicy mustard on rye (YUM), the pool where my cousins and I would play all day, the drawbridge that my brother and I would watch open and close to let in the big boats of the flea market where my grandpa let me pick out my favorite trinket to take home, the costume jewelry store where my grandmas and I shopped for the gaudiest clip on earrings in the state, and the community center where they would take us to play bingo with all the other residents of the development.

This year has been extraordinary in many ways and I have been having the time of my life during my two semesters in college. But this year has also been tough. Both of my maternal  grandparents passed away and this has left me confused, dumbfounded, sad and full of  emotion. As the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing approaches, I wanted to honor all of my grandparents in a post that celebrates their lives and the time I was able to have with them. It is because of my grandparents that I know that it is better to have loved and lost because I would go through a million lifetimes of missing them just to hold those memories in my heart.

I hope that this post can be inspirational to you and help you celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

Grandparents by samvanfleteren

best friend by OnkelChrispy

Grandparents. by thebastardchild

Grandparents by Oreofay

family by laurenmarek

Gramda by Lidjia Zizic

Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love... by squeakypeach4Love is Timeless. by Natalie Franke

Grandma likes her Juice by Glockoma



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