We Love You, Perez! (Writing for the Blogosphere Assignment)

This blog post is done in the blogging style of my personal favorite celebrity guru and gossip queen Perez Hilton.

Disclaimer: statistics in the following post are 100% inaccurate.

Are U ready 2 get your pics the best they can be??? Then this tip will help you on your way! This post will be epecially helpful 4 film photographers and ESPECIALLY especially helpful for B&W film photos! Here’s the scoop:

Bracketing. Wanna no what that is? Apparently in film cameras you don’t get to see your photos right away (boo lack of technology), so when I first starting using a film camera, my teacher always said: “take three photos, one on the f-stop you think is rite, one on a setting lower, and one on one higher.” So I did.

67% of readers don’t know what an f-stop (or f-number) is and I won’t give away my sources, BUT, you can find the definition here. This is cool 4 my digital friendz because you can adjust the settings on ur camera if it has a manual setting. If not, you can adjust the light source when taking ur pics. If  not, U can just find a way to make it work, bitches.

Here is an example of bracketing:

Lovely Leaves (2007)

This pic looked better in color. This is my favorite B&W pic that I’ve ever taken! Since u got 3 tries to take the pic, you better your chances of getting the perfect pic by 3 fold!

Wat do U think? Liking this technique?



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2 Responses to We Love You, Perez! (Writing for the Blogosphere Assignment)

  1. Noble says:

    Lol I like how you crosses out this pic looks better in color. That’s totally Perez.

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