Water Wednesday

Week of words water Wednesday. Say that three times fast.

This post is not as much about me teaching as it is about you learning. Today you should be learning about yourself and what inspires you as a photographer; I’m inspired by color, nature, emotion, people, music, lights, and urban culture (to name a few).

Below are some of my favorite images of high speed water photography. High speed water photography takes an unbelievable amount of time, patience, persistence, and skill. Unlike long exposure photography, high speed photography attempts to catch a subject frozen in time. The end result is an image that the naked eye could miss in a split second. If you’re interested in how this process works, take a look at this video.

As readers, your first assignment is to look at these images and ask yourself what you like about them. Do you like the color? Subject? Composition? What about what them do you not like? Why? Begin to understand where your interests lie in terms of photographic subjects. This activity should spur your creativity (warning: a spur in creativity may induce the strong urge to take pictures; this can be easily relieved by taking pictures).

I encourage you to click the images so you can go right to the source and find more amazing pictures. These links will send you to the website from which I got the photograph, where you will find even more high speed water art.



Triple Impact 77/365 by Pink Sherbet Photography.



What inspires you? Questions, comments and photo responses are welcomed and encouraged.



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