Fun Friday, Focus

Woah, it’s not the weekend! Put your thinking caps on because today you’re about to get a lesson in technicals and numbers. We’re talking about dry facts and stone cold logic today.

When you adjust the focus of a camera (film or digital), you are adjusting the aperture. So what is aperture? Aperture is the hole and size of the hole that allows light to pass through a camera lens and expose the film. The larger the aperture, the less of the photo is in focus; the smaller the aperture, more of the photo will be in focus. Another key term to remember is depth of field. Depth of field is the amount of the image that is in focus: the more area of an image is clear, the higher the depth of field; the less an image has in focus, the lower the depth of field.

Now comes the tricky part of the post. Numbers.

We measure aperture on a scale of numbers, sometimes called f-stops or f-numbers. The “F” stands for focus. Depending on your camera, the general numbers go from f2.8- f16. The tricky part is that f2.8 is larger than f16. How?! Why?! Numbers are hard! Each number is actually a fraction; f2.8 is actually 1/2.8. So 1/2.8>1/16, which means f2.8 is larger, allowing less of the image to be in focus.

So how can we see the difference? Glad you asked. I’m gonna show you. Be patient.

I took these images at the Cherry Blossom Festival. The colors of the blossoms were simply gorgeous, I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I did taking them!

Here, we have an image taken with a low aperture:

Can you see how the subject is clear but the rest of the image is blurry? This image has a low depth of field.


Here, we have an image taken with a high aperture:

Sorry, it’s kind of small. This picture is completely in focus; it has a high depth of field.

I hope these images have helped convey the different outcomes of photographs taken with different apertures. Technical knowledge can be boring to learn, but having a solid foundation of knowledge to build your skills upon will make you a better photographer!

Looking back, I wonder if I could have made some adjustments to my camera so those pictures came out better…

Happy first of the month!



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