Selebrity Sunday

Yes, readers, the time has come: the last post in the week of words series. Today I was inspired by the beautiful weather outside to share some beautiful photos of selebrities. Just for good measure, I wanted to finish off this week with the same word play I’ve been playing up the past six days so I decided to meddle a bit with the English language, which should explain the incorrect spelling of “celebrity,” which will henceforth be referred to as “selebrity.”

By now, you may know my photography subjects lean toward objects and nature. Even though I think Mother Nature is the only perfect subject, I still appreciate a great portrait. I won’t limit myself to look upon one subject or one genre of photography; every photographer has a different vision and their goal is to share that vision with the viewer and who am I to deny them that opportunity?

In this post I wanted to introduce you to, or possible better acquaint you with, my favorite portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

I do not remember when I first encountered her photography, but I do remember that I have never been so moved by a portrait. Her more well known photographs are of selebrities, which, we must all admit, we see far too often. Newspapers, magazines and blogs all shove selebrity down our throats in all of their primped and primed perfection. Even when they’re not perfect, we get imperfect selebrities: here she is going to the grocery store, here he is shopping for a million dollar watch you can’t afford, here they are sunbathing, there they are changing the kids’ diapers. These pictures depict the celebrities as normal people and, lest we forget, they are. But for the first time, a selebrity was presented to me and turned into fine works of art.

In 2008, I visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art to view her exhibit based on her book A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005. I had seen her pictures online, but wanted to appreciate her work in its full size and glory in a fancy pants museum. It was worth it. I cannot explain the emotional connection I felt to her work, but I want to share some images with you so that you may have the opportunity to be touched by her art.

I won’t stain your minds with any more of my experiences and opinions (for now), so clear you head and take a look at some works by Annie. Click on the images to be taken to their source.

Nicole Kidman

Willie Nelson

Yoko Ono and John Lennon on the cover of Rolling Stone

Lance Armstrong

The White Stripes

Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite work by Annie is not available online and she does not have her own website. You’re going to have to go to her if you want to get better quality images.

Even though a lot of Annie’s images are of selebrities, she also has a collection of images she took of her family and close friends. The photos of selebrities are moving because of the stunning visuals, but the ones of her relatives and friends are moving because of the content.

Whether you are interested in celebrities, beautiful pictures, or moving content, there is no denying that Annie Leibovitz is a versatile and talented artist. I encourage you to look further into her photography.

On a more general note, to get inspiration for your pictures, check and see if there are any photography exhibits in your area. Local museums or art centers generally have displays that change on a frequent basis. Go and visit so you can be inspired by someone like I was inspired by Annie. Before you know it, you’ll be blogging about your favorite artists!

Is there a photographer or photograph that has touched you in some way? Share it here!

Thank you all for your views during this past week. It has been so much fun to push myself to write and discover and even more fun to get some responses! I can’t wait for what next week has to bring.



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