Hello fellow photo lovers! I apologize for skipping last week’s post, I have been particularly busy getting myself together in the last few weeks before graduation. The past few years have gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe they’re coming to an end. As I look back on my time at school, I am overwhelmed with happiness at the people I have met that have molded my experience to be extraordinary. This week my post is dedicated to them: my family, my friends, my friends that have become family, and everyone who has touched my life in such a way that has made it extraordinary.

Today I want to share some pictures that exemplify what it means to be extraordinary; to define what that word means with photography. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words and we’re all far too busy to read a ten thousand word essay on the definition of extraordinary.

I encourage you all to click the images and visit the sites of the photographers. The majority of these images I have found that Flickr, a website that is quickly becoming my new favorite way to procrastinate. Flickr allows you to create your own gallery and search the site for beautiful images from a wide variety of photographers. Check it out!

Fireworks and Ferris Wheels by Don Pyle

The sky's the limit by Anne*°

Abstract LED Lights & Bokey for 24/7 Bokey Life by Komatoes

Rain Drops On My Window At Night by Komatoes

After Rain by Ben Heine

Saddness by Deltasly

Macro by CubaGallery

Hot Air Balloon by aSMawi

Sillouhette of London by ziadaunallah



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4 Responses to Extraordinary

  1. Will Danger says:

    In terms of graduation anxieties, you definitely have my commiseration. The real world is scary.
    That elephant picture is absolutely heartbreaking (and properly sums up my feelings about graduating). Also, its never quite occurred to me what an eyesore the London Eye is. It looks somewhat like a carnival came to town and set-up shop across the Thames. It’s a wonderful picture, though, giant Ferris Wheel excluded.

  2. jayspence says:

    I 100% agree with Will Danger, the London Eye is beautiful. I’ve been on it and it’s an amazing and definitely extraordinary fixture. That’s a wonderful picture you’ve included in your post, that truly captures the beauty of this ride. If you ever get the chance to visit England, you must must must must must, visit and ride the London Eye. If it’s a clear day you can even see clear across into other cities in England.


  3. Samara says:

    Extraordinary is a very appropriate word to describe the U of M experience. It’s that time of the year where things are bittersweet; thrilled to be done finals, but wish we didn’t have to leave. I’m gonna have to agree with Will as I also saw the elephant as a sad, yet magnificent picture and have to add that it’s my favorite of the bunch. Good snaps!

  4. Afro says:

    Nice photos, it is a good idea to search flicker for pictures. I’m going to try that one day.

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